A break from the Hacker


Feb 23, 2023·

2 min read

Jake was a seasoned programmer with many established projects on his Github profile. He was working on a new project, a Discord Chatbot that would revolutionize the way people interacted with each other online. He had been working on it for weeks, and the launch date was just a few days away.

That faithful night, just 72 hours away from the launch date, he was up the past 20 hours finishing and debugging his code. A dozen opened cans of redbull lay in the waste paper basket next to his work desk. Jake tried everything he could think of, but the bugs persisted. As the sun began to rise, he started to feel a sense of defeat. He had worked so hard on this project, and now it seemed like it was all for nothing.

Then, something strange happened. The cursor on the screen started moving by itself. It was almost as if someone else was controlling it. Suddenly, he saw a message appear on his Discord Chat.

"I have been watching you all night, Jake," the message read. "And I have to say, you're not as good as you think you are."

Jake was terrified. He had heard of hackers who could take control of one's computer, steal all the data, and even ruin one's life. He had always thought he was safe, but now it seemed like he was under attack.

The hacker continued to taunt him, telling him that he was going to destroy his project and ruin his reputation. Jake tried to fight back, but the hacker seemed to be one step ahead of him at every turn.

Just when Jake thought all hope was lost, he noticed something strange in his code. There was a missing break; in the switch-case statement that he had overlooked. Jake quickly fixed the error, and suddenly, all the bugs in his code disappeared.

The "hacker", who had been so confident just moments before, turned out to be a whole load of taunts made by the bot that was triggered due to the missing break.

As the sun rose, Jake sat back in his chair and smiled. He had spent the whole night debugging his code, but in the end, it was a simple mistake that had caused all his problems. He knew that he still had a lot of work to do before the launch date, but he was confident that he could handle anything that came his way.

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