How to setup a Minecraft Server in less than 30 minutes!

Feb 23, 2023·

1 min read


For the uninitiated, Minecraft is an open-world, building blocks sandbox game coded in Java. It is popular among all ages and has limitless applications!


  • Pretty Fast PC with lots of RAM(at least 16GB) and high CPU computing power.

  • Java 17 LTS

  • Paper MC -


  1. Download Java 17 if you haven't and follow the installation instructions. Be sure to add Java 17 /bin/ directory to your path!

  2. Download Paper MC 1.19 from

  3. Unzipped the folder in the location you want your MC server to be stored.

  4. Run CMD, navigate to the folder and type in java -Xms2G -Xmx2G -jar paper.jar to start the paper MC server. You may need to restart it a few times to make changes to the configuration.

  5. Connect to your server by typing or localhost in the Server Address while using Direct Connect / LAN / Multiplayer feature.

So there you have it, a running Minecraft Server on your PC in less than 30 minutes!